Quick Blackout Redactor macOS Help

Use Quick Blackout Redactor to quickly and safely black out certain parts of your images and PDF files.

Drag and drop an image file or a PDF file into the application.

Use the mouse to draw a black rectangle over areas of this image.

The application will automatically save the edited image or PDF file to the Pictures folder or to the folder of your choice.

If there are multiple images, use the selector at the top to select the image to work on.

There is no need to close the application. You may drop file after file onto it. It will process and convert them all.

There are other apps out there for redacting documents by blacking out areas of PDF files. If a black rectangle is drawn over an area in a PDF file, then this black rectangle covers that area, but the underlying area is still in the PDF file, although it is now invisible. Someone who dissects this PDF file can then retrieve the original unredacted information. The real safe say of redacting a PDF file is to print the document on paper, do the redaction on paper, and then scan the redacted documents again. The Quick Blackout Redactor does it in a similar way. It rasterizes the PDF file to create an image. It draws black rectangles in the image. It flattens the image. It then exports the image into a PDF file again. This is a safe way of redacting sensitive information in your PDF documents.

This app focuses on speed and streamlines your daily workflow.